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Queer Books Round-Up

By Anna Saldinger Books imagine new worlds and possibilities, and those that authors place in the fictional record are written into the collective imagination. This range of books encapsulates queer theory, novels, picture books, and young adult fiction. Each offers a place for LGBTQ+ characters in the collective imagination through love, analysis, adventure, heartache, and […]

Queer Documentaries Round-Up

By Anna Saldinger Queer-centered documentaries are opportunities to explore what and who came before and where we are today. Keeping our history alive is a vital way to honor trailblazers and to assert and remember that we’re queer and we’ve always been here. Screaming Queens: Screaming Queens is about the 1966 Compton’s Cafeteria riot in […]

Queer Podcast Round-up

By Anna Saldinger Podcasts are a powerful medium that have increasing sway over the way that many people understand the world. In this new era, there’s an increasing presence of powerful queer podcasting and representation, and this presence becomes a public window into queer life and experience. Here’s a sampling of shows that explore our […]

Queer Slam Poetry Round-up

Hello! My name is Anna Saldinger (she/her), and I’m interning with SpeakOUT Boston through mid-February. I’m a senior at Bennington College, and I study radio production, journalism, media theory, and literature. When I’m not making radio, I’m thinking about queer theory and the intersection of the personal and the political. As part of my work […]

#ProudStories: Support SpeakOUT’s Ongoing Work of Sharing LGBTQ Stories

On November 6th, 68% of Massachusetts voters took a decisive stand against discrimination by voting to maintain the transgender accommodations protections that were signed into law in 2016! After a full year of a concerted statewide education campaign, those of us who fought to keep these civil rights protections have every reason to celebrate! The […]

Staking a Claim for Queer Girls in the Flyover States

An Interview with Emily Danforth, author of The Miseducation of Cameron Post This past summer, The Miseducation of Cameron Post was released as a feature film and received the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. After seeing the film and enjoying it so much, I was eager to read the young adult novel […]

SpeakOUT Boston Stands with Transgender, Intersex Communities

A “Yes” vote on Ballot Question Three Is Imperative   SpeakOUT Boston strongly condemns any and all attempts by the Trump Administration to define transgender, intersex, and gender non-binary/gender non-conforming identities out of legal existence. A recently leaked memo from the Department of Health and Human Services suggests that the administration is attempting to conflate gender […]

“To tell the truth is to become beautiful, to begin to love yourself, value yourself. And that’s political, in its most profound way.” ~June Jordan

By Ellyn Ruthstrom SpeakOUT grew out of a simple urgency to tell the truths about LGBTQIA lives, to tell our own stories and demonstrate that we love and value ourselves and each other. Back in 1972, our founding year, a common expression was “the personal is political.” And that sentiment is what Jordan’s words and […]

The Power of Silence

By Jenn Nguyen I am so inspired by the youth of today who raise their voices about gun control, anti-racism, and LGBTQ civil rights. Their voices are working to create positive change for the future. And their silence is also meant to create change. Friday, April 27th is the annual Day of Silence, which was […]

Deciding Not to Be Who I Wasn’t

By Gabi Moynihan March 31st is Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV), a time to celebrate transgender lives and to honor the resilience and strength of those who led the way to create space for transgender people within the LGBTQ movement. Gabi Moynihan, an active speaker with SpeakOUT, shares her own journey to living her true […]