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SpeakOUT Boston Stands with Transgender, Intersex Communities

A “Yes” vote on Ballot Question Three Is Imperative


SpeakOUT Boston strongly condemns any and all attempts by the Trump Administration to define transgender, intersex, and gender non-binary/gender non-conforming identities out of legal existence.

A recently leaked memo from the Department of Health and Human Services suggests that the administration is attempting to conflate gender with sex and define it purely as a “biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth.” SpeakOUT joins in solidarity and resistance with those who would be most directly harmed by such a rule, the transgender, intersex, gender non-binary, and gender non-conforming communities. SpeakOUT views the proposed rule as unscientific, prejudicial, cruel, and dangerous. Transgender and intersex people exist, and they will not be erased.

“We are fortunate to live in a state where transgender protections have been instituted, but this proposed HHS change demonstrates how vulnerable transgender and intersex people still are to the whim of the current administration,” commented SpeakOUT Executive Director Ellyn Ruthstrom. “As early voting begins this week, it is imperative Massachusetts voters cast their ‘yes’ vote on question three to maintain the civil rights protections for our transgender citizens.”

SpeakOUT urges all those in the Boston area to attend a rally in support of transgender and intersex rights this Sunday, October 28, from 1-3pm on the Boston Common near the State House.

SpeakOUT also urges all Massachusetts voters to vote “YES” on Ballot Question Three on Tuesday, November 6, in order to preserve the laws that exist in the Commonwealth that provide rights to public accommodations and protections against discrimination for transgender, intersex, gender non-binary, and gender non-conforming people regardless of their gender identity or gender expression.