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Queer Podcast Round-up

By Anna Saldinger

Podcasts are a powerful medium that have increasing sway over the way that many people understand the world. In this new era, there’s an increasing presence of powerful queer podcasting and representation, and this presence becomes a public window into queer life and experience. Here’s a sampling of shows that explore our history, our place in the political landscape, and our stories.

Nancy hosts Kathy Tu and Tobin Low

Nancy, WNYC: Nancy is a podcast focusing on queer lives, stories, and issues, hosted by Kathy Tu and Tobin Low. Kathy and Tobin are at once bubbly and vulnerable, and they include their own raw stories as well as the ones that they report. Try out this early episode, where Kathy grapples with her queer identity and her relationship with her hair: “Fear of Being Butch.”

UnErased: The History of Conversion Therapy in America: This series documents the history of conversion therapy through in-depth and beautifully told stories- including one episode that covers the removal of homosexuality from the DSM. There’s also a condensed run of the series on WNYC’s Radiolab.

LGBTQ&A With Jeffrey Masters: This interview podcast is thoughtful, in-depth, complex, and wide-spanning. It’s the queer equivalent of WNYC’s Death, Sex, and Money, hosted by Anna Sale, in its thoughtfulness and humanity (which is also worth checking out, here’s an episode with queer actress Lena Waithe). I suggest beginning with Masters’ interview with Tre’vell Anderson, which focuses on the complexity of critiquing and covering queer media.

The incomparable Jonathan Van Ness

Getting Curious: Jonathan Van Ness, of Netflix Queer Eye reboot fame, hosts a podcast where he interviews various people to learn about things that he’s curious about. The content is not always explicitly queer, but Jonathan brings his flamboyant energy as well as his intellect and curiosity to everything he does. To start, try his recent interview with author Jodi Picoult.

The Bi Cast: The Bi Cast is a short interview podcast co-hosted by Lynnette McFadzen, Elizabeth M. Mechem, and Amy Leibowitz Mitchell that focuses on the Bi+ community (and features a very catchy theme song). One episode to check out is a conversation with Charlie Mathers of Gay Star News and her Bi Manifesto.

Brown’n Out: Brown’n Out consists of interviews with LGBTQ+ people of color living and working in Vermont. The interviews cover the guests’ life stories, art, experiences as Vermonters, and insights. Recently, they interviewed Noa Coffey-Moore, a Black Queer Trans Non-binary Femme* writer, community educator, and multimedia artist.

Anna Saldinger is a radio journalism student at Bennington College and SpeakOUT winter intern. (She/her pronouns)