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Q and A with Quyen (Win) Tran (she/her/hers)

To celebrate National Coming Out Day we are highlighting the coming out experiences and insights of several of SpeakOUT’s speakers. We asked them to fill in some of the details of what coming out was like for them and how it has affected their work with SpeakOUT. When our speakers share their stories out in the community, they inspire others to have the confidence to live more authentically and we hope it will do the same for you.

Quyen Tran starting working with SpeakOUT three years ago. She is 43 years old and enjoys drag performing (she has 15+ years experience), waterfall chasing, skinny dipping, foraging, and being an avid plant daddy.

Q: If you had to use one word to describe how you felt after coming out, what would it be?

A: Liberating.

Q: Why was coming out important to you? How was it challenging?

A: So I could stop hating myself & actually start living. It was challenging because I gave up a promising career. 

Q: If you could have told your younger self one thing before coming out, what would it be?

A: Your blood family won’t understand you, but you’ll create a whole new family that spans the whole country and will do anything for you at the drop of a hat.

Q: How does SpeakOUT’s use of coming out stories help to create change?

A: We create visibility and room for those who previously thought there was no place for them. 

Q: How have you witnessed SpeakOUT positively affect those around you?

A: Because of my experience of working with SpeakOUT, I’ve realized just how important my visibility is and how I can change people’s perception of the gay community. I now use my social media as a place where I’ll present current queer education for folks who may not have someone in their lives to help them with that.

Q: Why do you volunteer your time with SpeakOUT?

A: Because I specifically want the high school kids to have an easier time with it than I did. My hope is if I can get to them sooner, the better adjusted they will be and their personal development will be better off.